Bikes and ‘Cue

To maintain some sanity while developing the Detact companies, Joost has two other major fields of interest he can distract himself with: building custom motorcycles (Choppers) and Central-Texas style BBQ.

The same level of accuracy, precision and craftsmanship he acquired as a surgeon is required to build custom motorcycles from scratch. The winter months are spend ground-up building 1-2 bikes in a small but fully equipped workshop, which are sold when the riding season starts. This venture, called ‘El Lobo Cycles’, which he runs together with a trusted partner, also imports ‘ready-to-ride’ choppers from the USA upon request. They buy, ship, import and modify (for EU registration) about 5 bikes across the Atlantic every year.

During the summer months you will also and often find him behind a BBQ (not be be mistaken by a grill). The Cental-Texas Low-and-Slow BBQ style he prefers is characterized by preparing meat that is rubbed in spices and cooked indirect over oak or pecan wood for many, many, many hours. Having catered successfully for large groups and leaving the learning curve behind, his next ambition is to turn this style of ‘Cue, relatively unknown to Europe, into a new venture: Bones BBQ.